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The purpose of Scouting Guiding is to develop the inherent potential of the young people by providing them a number of structured activities in order to make them physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally strong and useful citizens of the Nation.

The aim is achieved through a combination of activities and programmes offered at the Unit level and a structured syllabus which offers programmes and activities through the Progressive Advancement Scheme.

The Progressive Advancement is designed to satisfy the needs of each age group and is contained in APRO Part II for Scout Wing and in APRO Part III for Guide Wing.

Stages of Advancement of A Scout /Guide

1 Pravesh
2 Pratham Sopan
3 Dwitiya Sopan
4 Tritiya Sopan
5 Rajya Puraskar
6 Rashtrapati Puraskar

Highest Award for the Youth

Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow is the highest Award for the Cubs and Bulbuls. This Award is presented by the President of Bharat Scouts and Guides in a specially organized Award ceremony conducted at National Level. This award was introduced in the year 2002. The first Award ceremony was held in the year 2003.

Rashtrapati Scout /Guide Award

Rashtrapati Scout / Guide Award is the highest award for a Scout / Guide. The Award is presented by Rashtrapatiji (the President of India) at a special investiture ceremony. The Rashtrapati Scout /Guide Award was introduced in the year 1961.

Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger Award

Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger Award is the highest award for a Rover / Ranger. The Award is presented by Rashtrapatiji (The President of India) at a special investiture ceremony. The Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger Award was introduced in the year 1971.

Activities For Young People Conducted At National And Regional Level

The programmes of the Scout /Guide Movement is based on the activities of open air including camping and hiking these activities are organized from the Unit level to National level. The following are some important activities organized at national and Regional level annually.

* We have started” The Bharat Scouts and Guides” in the academic year 2016-2017

We successfully completed Pravesh and Pratham Sopan stages. Now our students are pursuing Dwitiya Sopan stage. On 7/1/2018 to 10/1/2018 our students are attended the National Integration Camp at Jain Heritage School,Belagavi.

Participated Students Name

Sl. No. Name of the student Class
1 Kousar Parasappanavar IX
2 Laxmi Toragallamath IX
3 Rashmi Patil VIII
4 Shushma Hawaldar VII
5 Haseena Dodamani VIII
6 Heena Khondunaik VII
7 Umesh Basaligundi VII
8 Karthik Yakkundi VIII
9 Shashank Adaki VIII
10 Khushal Jamakandi VIII
11 Panchappa Nalavade VIII
12 Prajwal Bijali VII

> Recently our school Scouts and Guides students attended training 28th Jamborite Badge Work Winning at Doddabalapur, Bangalore.
> Our school 12 students got Raj Puraskar Award from govt of Karnataka in the year 2019-20