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What is Abacus ?

A simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slide.

The abacus is a mechanical aid used for counting, it is not a calculator in the sense we use the word today.

The standard abacus can be used to perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, the abacus can also be used to extract square-roots and cubic roots. The beads are manipulated with either the index finger or the thumb of one hand.

Functions of Abacus

An abacus instrument allows performing basic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. It can also carry out operations such as counting up to decimal places, calculates sums having negative numbers etc.

Benefits Of Abacus

• Boosts better and faster calculation skills.

• Increases endurance for stress and pressure.

• Improves problem-solving abilities.

• Teaches clearer logical reasoning.

• Sharpens concentration and observance.

In the academic year 2017-2018, We have started Abacus classes in our school. Our school students have participated in competition and won the prizes. We heartly congratulate our students.

Name of the students who have won the prizes.

Sl. No. Name of the student Class Place
1 Sanjana Ittannavar VIII I
2 Basavaraj Timmannavar IX I
3 Pooja Kitadal VI II
4 Bhagyashri Shastri V III
5 Swati Mayachari VIII III
6 Sahana Ittannavar VIII III